What We Do

An image of the cast of Vietgone (our 24th season's winter show)

Theater Productions

UTS produces 1 - 2 plays per quarter featuring published and new works. From acting to directing to designing, our RSO provide opportunities to everyone interested in any theater role. Check out our production roles page for more information.

an image of the executive board members conducted through Zoom

Weekly Board Meetings

Join us for our weekly board meetings! To increase transparency, we hold these board meetings open to the public. Everyone can participate and provide input on how our RSO functions.

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Quarterly Events

We organize events throughout the year such as Theatre Dangerously, Dawg Daze showcase, Gala, UTS Night Outs, and other events. Check out our get involved page to see our events!


We hold various workshops throughout the year featuring knowledgeable community members and professional guest artists. We have done acting, set design, sound design, and other works shops in the past.