Current Season

We provide multiple theater-related opportunities for undergraduate students. We focus on collaboration and quality learning therefore all of these opportunities do not need any prior experience. UTS will provide mentorship for everyone involved.


Actors portray the characters in the stories told in the productions. With the guidance of a director, they work with a script to add dimensions to their characters and the whole story through improvisation, acting techniques, and theatrical experimentation. Opportunities are available on a quarterly basis. No prior experience is necessary.


Crew is an important role that helps the productions move smoothly during the performances nights. Crew allows anyone to learn the workings of productions behind the scenes. It's a great opportunity to be a part of the a production short term. Crew roles include board operators, stage crews, and door holders. Opportunities are available on a quarterly basis. No prior experience is necessary.


Designers help structures the physical landscape of the production. The designers add dimensions to the whole production. Design roles include propmasters, scenic, costume, light, and sound design. Inquire us for available opportunities. No prior experience necessary. Assistantships are available for those who wants to learn more about these roles.


Directors work to develop the context of the script and  they determine the direction of the whole production. They choose the production members and oversees the audition process. They work directly with all the roles involved and works alongside theater administrations. No prior experience is necessary. Directors can apply every spring quarter for the next academic year. Assistantships are available for this role.


Dramaturgs conducts research on the context and background of the production for accuracy in the creative process. They present these information to directors, designers, and actors to preserve accuracy in all parts of the production. Research can include phonology and cultural and historical accuracy.


Playwrights are the people who writes the play. They create the dialogues and sets the foundation for the environment of the play. In UTS, they collaborate with the directors and actors for overall character and narrative developments.  Writers can apply for our New Works series every spring quarter for the next academic year.

Stage Managers

Stage managers oversees the rehearsal process and coordinates communications between production members. They are a critical part of a production; ensuring that the production is on track for performance nights and runs smoothly. They are present at every rehearsal and performance nights. No prior experience necessary. Inquire us for available opportunities. Assistantships are available for this role

Theater Administrator

Theater administrators manage UTS as a whole. They ensure that the productions are a success from managing outreach to finances to publicity. They plan production seasons, social events, workshops, and other activities. We coordinate with UW School of Drama to make sure productions move smoothly. Applications are available every fall quarter.