Meet the Board

Sam Jemuelle Quiambao

Executive Director/Outreach Director/Webmaster

I am a senior majoring in Drama: Performance and Informatics (Human-Computer Interaction). I participated in multiple UTS productions such as "Head Trip: An Improvised Drama." I also love doing improv.  My other hobbies include playing video games (League of Legends, Overwatch), watching TV shows (The Office, Parks & Rec) and anime (Hunter x Hunter), and finding other hobbies.

Daisy Schreiber

Production Manager/Finance Director

Hi! I'm a sophomore hoping to double major in Drama and Sociology. I'm super new to UW and UW-theater, but I can't wait to get started and immerse myself in all things UTS. Throughout high school I did lots of Seattle-area theater from both the artistic and production side, and my favorite theater adjacent hobby is laughing very loudly at the funny parts of shows. Other than that, I pet a lot of cats, sing in the car, and write things that may or may not be fanfiction.

Deb Kwon

Publicity Director

I’m Deb, the UTS Publicity Director, still trying to figure life out. I'm also majoring in business. Being the UTS Publicity Director basically means helping UTS get clout — for a good reason: the wild magic of theater. Fact: I believe we are ALL main characters in our own stories. Sad fact: I hate politics but very much do politics (make it make sense). Fact: talk to me about culture hot takes, comedies, and/or Twitter & we’ll automatically click. Costar is infinitely more helpful than LinkedIn.

Lawson Richards

Graphic Designer

I'm Lawson and I'm a sophomore undergrad planning to go into Architecture. I love acting and working as crew, and I'll never pass by an opportunity to join a show. Aside from theater, I love model building, singing, playing piano, and of course video games. I'm also a huge nerd and love to mess around in DND.

Kalea Levy

Social Media Coordinator

I’m a junior double majoring in Drama and Education, Communities, and Organizations. I grew up on Bainbridge Island, Washington but I then moved to Austin, Texas where I worked closely with many artists and fell in love with how theatre can produce works of art that bring communities together and I hope to one day become a director of education for a local theatre. I’m excited to use the social media channels to share and promote the amazing events and productions UTS creates. Besides theatre, I love to talk about dogs, Tik Tok, crafts, dinosaurs, and anything to do with the outdoors.

Dhara Shah

Creative Development Director

Hello, I'm Dhara and I'm majoring in Drama. I'm the creative development director for UTS. As the creative development director, I oversee our New Works process throughout the year; helping directors and playwrights produce a play. I also help create opportunities through which those students can explore their learning impulses outside of the mainstage shows such as workshops and other groups.