Current Season

Daisy Schreiber

Production Manager/Finance Director

Hi! I'm a junior hoping to double major in Drama and Sociology. I'm super new to UW and UW-theater, but I can't wait to get started and immerse myself in all things UTS. Throughout high school I did lots of Seattle-area theater from both the artistic and production side, and my favorite theater adjacent hobby is laughing very loudly at the funny parts of shows. Other than that, I pet a lot of cats, sing in the car, and write things that may or may not be fanfiction.

Lawson Richards

Graphic Designer

I'm Lawson and I'm a junior undergrad planning to go into Architecture. I love acting and working as crew, and I'll never pass by an opportunity to join a show. Aside from theater, I love model building, singing, playing piano, and of course video games. I'm also a huge nerd and love to mess around in DND.

Kalea Levy

Social Media Coordinator

I’m a senior double majoring in Drama and Education, Communities, and Organizations. I grew up on Bainbridge Island, Washington but I then moved to Austin, Texas where I worked closely with many artists and fell in love with how theatre can produce works of art that bring communities together and I hope to one day become a director of education for a local theatre. I’m excited to use the social media channels to share and promote the amazing events and productions UTS creates. Besides theatre, I love to talk about dogs, Tik Tok, crafts, dinosaurs, and anything to do with the outdoors.

Adah Siegel

Publicity Director

Hello! I am a sophomore hoping to study Psychology, with a minor in Drama: Performance. I was born and raised in South Seattle where I spent a lot of my time at the Seattle Children’s Theatre, training and performing in Summer Season productions. I am lucky to have been immersed in theater since a young age, and greatly appreciate the impact it can have on individuals and communities. With that being said, I am SO excited to introduce UTS to as many people as I possibly can!!!! Come chat with me about any and all things theatre, football, and caffeine preferences.

Emma Murphy

Executive Director

I am a third year student majoring in Drama: Performance and Cinema and Media Studies! I am beyond excited to be taking over the role of Executive Director next year and can’t wait to get to work. In high school, I was in 13 productions with my high school Drama club and I love the joy of performing and seeing a show come to life. Outside of theatre, I am a Marvel nerd and love working out and traveling.

Kim Smith

Technical Director

Hi!! I’m Kim and I am from Richmond, VA. I am a junior hoping to major in political science, LSJ, and anthropology! All throughout high school, I was involved in the technical side of theater (building sets, running crew, key grip, etc) as well as directing a few times. I fell in love with theater because of the community and is exactly why I chose to join UTS! Outside of theater, I love staying active in nature and watching New Girl!

Dani Lobo

Outreach Director

Hi! I am a current sophomore. I haven’t decided my major seeing as I am interested in way too many things: linguistics, drama, speech and hearing sciences, and French. I am the Outreach Director which means I am in charge of making UTS as easily accessible as possible for all undergrads at UW, and ultimately making sure that our UTS community grows! Besides theater, I love singing, dancing, gymnastics, maps, exercising, football, and so many more things.

Priya Hendry

Finance Director

Hi! I’m a sophomore studying Drama: Performance and Law, Societies, and Justice. I grew up in the Greater Seattle area and have been involved with theater from the performance, technical, and administrative sides pretty much my whole life. I’m super passionate about the art form being as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. Outside of theater, I’m a research assistant with the CHR on campus, lover of buying books that I will probably never have the time to read (but one can dream), and very proud owner of a cat who is far too aware of how cute he is.