Meet the Board

Em Dickson

Executive Director
I'm a sophomore double-majoring in Drama and Comparative Literature. Though I'm fairly new to the UW Drama community, I know it to be a group of incredibly talented and welcoming theatre practitioners and storytellers, and I am so honored to be a part of it! My interests include the movie Ratatouille, stage managing, putting things in MLA format, and those huge grandpa sweatshirts you find in the men's section at Goodwill. Fun fact: There is an Excel spreadsheet on my computer for nearly every aspect of my life.
I love my position as UTS Executive Director because I get a bird's eye view of theatre production and get to be involved in creating art in this way. I also enjoy getting to work with a committee of skilled and passionate board members and production companies.

Em Smith

She/Her, They/Them
Production Manager
I'm a senior undergraduate majoring in Drama! Em is the current Production Manager of UTS and a Stage Manager within the School of Drama. Recently, I've completed internships in production management with Synetic Theatre in Crystal City, VA and Village Theatre KIDSTAGE in Everett, WA. I hope one day to become the Production Manager of a professional theatre company! In my free time, I enjoy horror movies, astronomy, stand-up comedy, coffee, and D&D!

Michael Dugan

Technical Director
I'm Michael and I am an undergraduate senior studying Mechanical Engineering. I'm also the technical director for UTS. I'm basically in charge of Cabaret theater maintenance, keeping track of all of UTS’s technical property, purchasing supplies, and making sure UTS’s inventories are up to date. I also work with designers to help them bring their ideas to life, attends tech rehearsals and strikes, and instructs people on how to use UTS equipment.

Michelle Lin

She/Her, They/Them
Finance Director
I am a junior majoring in Computer Science, although this is my final year at UW. I acted in UTS's Fall 2019 production of Anon(ymous) and loved it, and decided to get more involved by taking on the position of Finance Director. Outside of school and theatre, I love playing and writing music, rollerblading and playing video games! Fun fact: I hate cilantro and most purple leafy vegetables.

Sam Jemuelle Quiambao

Outreach Director / Webmaster
I am a senior majoring in Drama: Performance and Informatics (Human-Computer Interaction). I participated in multiple UTS productions such as "Head Trip: An Improvised Drama." I also love doing improv and I co-lead UTS Improv.  My other hobbies include playing video games (mostly League of Legends), watching TV shows (mostly The Office) and anime (Hunter x Hunter, anyone?), and finding other hobbies.

Deborah Kwon

Publicity Director
I’m Deb, the UTS Publicity Director, still trying to figure life out. I'm also majoring in business. Being the UTS Publicity Director basically means helping UTS get clout — for a good reason: the wild magic of theater. Fact: I believe we are ALL main characters in our own stories. Sad fact: I hate politics but very much do politics (make it make sense). Fact: talk to me about culture hot takes, comedies, and/or Twitter & we’ll automatically click. Costar is infinitely more helpful than LinkedIn.

Dhara Shah

Creative Development Director
Hello, I'm Dhara and I'm majoring in Drama. I'm the creative development director for UTS. As the creative development director, I oversee our New Works process throughout the year; helping directors and playwrights produce a play. I also help create opportunities through which those students can explore their learning impulses outside of the mainstage shows such as workshops and other groups.

Christie Zhao

She/Hers, They/Them
Social Chair (Director of Fun)
Hello friends! I am a senior studying Computer Science and Drama Performances. I love directing, singing, acting, and light designing. I founded the Chinese Theater Club at UW in my sophomore year and joined UTS as a social chair last year. During quarantine, I still kept filling up my life with Zoom theater and practices and I hope to bring this love of theater to more people. If you want to ask any questions about double majors, learning theater as an international student, or just chat about life sometimes, feel free to send me an email!

Rosemary Lisa Jones

Graphics Designer
I'm a second year Drama and CHID double major. I'm mainly focused in stage management - I've SM'd 3 shows for UTS so far - but I dabble around in the other departments as well. Graphic design is my passion - I have a lot of fun because I feel like every time I make something in Photoshop I'm reinventing the wheel. On the side, I'm an audio/video editing hobbyist, and Dungeons and Dragons DM, and a bonafide gamer AND skater girl.

Raina Sadhan

Social Media Coordinator
Hey there! My name is Raina, I am a senior double majoring in Communication and Law, Societies, and Justice. I am passionate about digital media, the creative arts, and of course, theater! Running UTS’s social media channels allows me to work closely with our productions to create unique themes for each marketing campaign. I’m always down to talk about The Sims, New York, or the tv shows you’ve been watching!