UTS Board Application

Board application are due on November 21 at 11:59 PM PST

The Undergraduate Theater Society is recruiting for new board members for the 2021 - 2022 academic quarter. The position will start on Winter 2021 as an assistantship, then you will take over the full position by Spring 2021. This is a great opportunity to learn and be involved in the administrative side of theater. As always, no prior experience is necessary!

Successful applicants for Open UTS Board Positions will be trained throughout the 2020-2021 school year and will assume full responsibility for their position in the 2021-2022 year. As such, this is a two-year commitment, and applicants must have at least one more year as a UW undergraduate to qualify for these positions.

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Available Positions

Finanance Director


UTS's Finance Director is in charge of all money UTS earns and spends. The Finance Director budgets each UTS season and purchases the rights for each show. All purchases by any department go through the Finance Director. After the Production Manager works with each show's director and designers to create a show budget, the Finance Director is responsible for reimbursing (or pre-imbursing) the designers. Additionally, the Finance Director runs the house management process. Contact Michelle Lin at finance@uwuts.org to learn more about this position.

Technical Director


The Technical Director is in charge of Cabaret theater maintenance, keeping track of all of UTS’s technical property, purchasing supplies, and making sure UTS’s inventories are up to date. The Technical Directors also works with designers to help them bring their ideas to life, attends tech rehearsals and strikes, and instructs people on how to use UTS equipment. Contact Michael at tech@uwuts.org to learn more about this position.

Outreach Director


The Outreach Director is responsible for helping expand the opportunities that UTS offers to other communities on campus. Responsibilities include: assisting directors with audition outreach, creating the weekly newsletter, contacting other RSOs on campus, and more! The most important quality for the Outreach Director is a willingness to take on new projects and tasks for the good of UTS. Contact Sam Quiambao at outreach@uwuts.org to learn more about this position.

Graphic Designer


The Graphic Designer is in charge of designing all season and event materials including but not limited to posters, minicards, social media graphics and flyers. The position requires a lot of time using Adobe Illustrator as well as some time using InDesign, so some familiarity is recommended, though not required. Overall, this job requires creativity and the ability to collaborate closely with directors, designers, and other board members. Contact Rosemary Jones at graphic@uwuts.org to learn more about this position.

Production Manager


The Production Manager is the overseer of all the shows throughout the season. It is the PM’s job to make sure that each production process runs smoothly. One of the main jobs of the PM is to be a resource for stage managers to ensure that all stage managers understand their responsibilities and duties and the resources available to them during their production process. They are the liaison between the UTS board and each production. Specific duties include: obtaining rights for each show, meeting with directors and stage managers to ensure that they know how working on a UTS show works, printing scripts, attending all production meetings, making contracts, attending tech rehearsals, and attending strike. Contact Em Smith at production@uwuts.org to learn more about this position.

Social Media Coordinator


The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for UTS publicity and communication with the community via social media platforms and the website.  Our current platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Social Media Coordinator works to create and schedule posts that will 1) engage the online constituency & generate interest, 2) publicize current productions, and 3) inform people of the opportunities that UTS offers, from auditions to workshops to parties.  This job is all about putting info into little, fun and clear packets to communicate with the public. Contact Raina Sadhan at socialmedia@uwuts.org to learn more about this position.

Social Chair


The Social Chair (fondly referred to as the Director of Fun!) is in charge of planning, advertising and executing both large and small scale social events that serve the undergraduate theater population as a whole. Whether it be our end of the year Gala, Opening Night Parties, UTS Night Out or something in between, this position strives to both expand and strengthen our drama family both on and off the stage. Those interested in this position should bring their creativity, enthusiasm, desire to be arts and crafts-y, developed delegation skills and a love of goofy and inclusive activities with friends! Contact Christie Zhao at social@uwuts.org to learn more about this position.

Master Electrician


The Master Electrician (ME) will provide assistance to the UTS Technical Director (TD) throughout the year. The ME will work alongside the TD and be responsible for the duties listed below, as delegated by the TD at their discretion. The ME will be a source of institutional knowledge about lighting, sound and projection design and safe usage of the space. The ME will help manage equipment stock and rental, attend tech rehearsals and strikes, and work with the School of Drama to maintain the booth, grid and cable storage. Additionally, the ME will work with designers to help bring their ideas to life. Contact Michael at tech@uwuts.org to learn more about this position.